What we do

Intergraf promotes and protects the interests of the printing and graphic industry. We have 21 members in 19 European countries. These members represent their national industries and Intergraf, in turn, represents them. We do this by interacting with the European Institutions by advocatinginforming and networking.

INTERGRAF’s main task is to promote and enhance the interests of the printing and digital communication industries, working with the European Institutions to support the sectors’ competitiveness


Intergraf influences European legislation which affects the printing industry. To do this, Intergraf deals with the European Commission, the European Parliament and the statistics office, Eurostat.The printing industry is affected by several different Directorates General (DGs) at the European Commission including: Enterprise, Environment and Trade.

Intergraf voices the concerns of the printing industry through regular direct contact with Commission officials of these DGs through letters and position papers. When appropriate, it collaborates with other industries.Intergraf’s objective towards the European Commission is to scrutinise planned legislation which could have an impact on the sector's competitiveness. If an impact is anticipated, Intergraf consults its members and agrees on a consensus position.

Through this direct European connection and continuous feedback from members Intergraf is able to effectively represent and promote the industry at large in Europe.


Intergraf acts as a source of information for its members on EU policies. Our members receive information on legislation and regulations which affect whole range of issues. The can be environmental, social, health and safety etc.

Intergraf cooperates with other Brussels-based organisations to be informed on the activities of other related industries.

Intergraf publishes and distributes a monthly Newsletter and several detailed enquiries on specific subjects regarding the sector. It also coordinates in-depth studies. Intergraf participates in EU-funded research projects and programmes when these are of direct benefit to member associations and their member companies, or to the printing industry as a whole.


Intergraf provides its members with contacts to other associations all over Europe. Annual meetings of the Directors or Secretaries General ensure a regular exchange of information, experience and best practices.

Furthermore, Intergraf has established different working parties with experts of the national federations to ensure close participation by its members in the process of European policy making and market issues. The working parties cover environment and social issues as well as economics and statistics.

Intergraf has a separate section which deals with a specific part of the printing sector: security printing. We also organise other special-interest group seminars on niche areas of the industry like bookbinding & print finishing, direct mail and magazine printing, for example. These are organised in collaboration with the research company Smithers Pira.

The World Print & Communication Forum (WPCF) connects the European printing industry with the worldwide one. Members include China, Hong Kong, Europe, Australia, Japan, Korea and North America. Intergraf holds the international secretariat of the WPCF and represents Europe within the forum.