Social Issues

With an industry as large as print which faces the challenges and opportunities of the digital reality, it is vital that employees are treated fairly while the industry evolves. This means monitoring labour conditions, endorsing training and working with social partners and the EU to achieve what is best for the future of the industry.

Developments in labour conditions

Intergraf monitors developments in national labour relations, and creates an overview of outcomes of negotiations.

Intergraf keeps continuously updated on the labour conditions in different European countries, with the help of member federations. Each year a summary is made on the negotiations with the labour force in the graphic sector. The summary allows for members to share experiences and learn from the varying conditions between countries.

There is also a working party, operating within Intergraf which deals exclusively with social issues in different countries. This way, member federations are up-to-date and informed on the situation in other countries.

Completed EU projects

Intergraf completed two European funded projects on Restructuring in the printing industry. As the industry changes and contracts, it is vital that restructuring takes place in a controlled and socially responsible way. To this end, Intergraf teamed up with its trade union counterpart, UNI Europa Graphical to work on an analysis of the industry and come up with guides on how to restructure effectively and responsibly.

The first project, completed in 2010, resulted in a study of the state of the industry and a step by step toolkit.

The second project, completed in 2012, held workshops in the use of the toolkit in seven different countries across Europe.

European Social dialogue

Following on from these projects, Intergraf and UNI Europa Graphical decided to continue their cooperation at European level and applied for a social dialogue agreement. This agreement means Intergraf and UNI Europa Graphical will work closely together, with the help of the European Union over the period 2013-2015 to discuss what is best for the industry. The social dialogue will focus on technological, social and economic trends, promotion of the results of the previous EU project and, developing skills in the industry.


Restructuring and Reorientation of Printing Companies

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In 2010, Intergraf, in association with UNI Europa Graphical completed a groundbreaking project on the state of the printing industry in Europe.

The project was made possible thanks to funding from the European Commission and resulted in two publications on socially responsible restructuring. The documents were a study on the state of the printing industry and a 'how to' toolkit on restructuring in a socially responsible way.

New project, new urgency

But producing these documents is not enough - they must be put into practice. It is in this spirit that Intergraf and UNI Europa Graphical are teaming up again - this time to help companies apply the toolkit's guidelines in the real world.

In partnership with seven countries across the EU, both employer federations and unions will come together to learn how fair and responsible restructuring can be achieved.

Workshops for employers and employees will take place in Portugal, Hungary, France, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands and Malta. There will be two workshops per country - one for large companies and one for small ones.

Work is underway and the project will run until September of 2012. Check back for news and updates..