BVDM - The German Printing and Media Industries Federation

Contact:   Karl Michael Meinecke
Address:  Friedrichstraße 194-199
DE – 10117 Berlin
Phone: +49 302 09 13 9162
Fax:     +49 302 09 13 9113
Personal e-mail: km(at)
General e-mail:  info(at)

Bundesverband Druck und Medien is the employer and trade federation of the german printing and media industries. Its members are 11 regional associations. They offer services directly to the member companies. Members are all kind of printing companies (offset, gravure, letterpress, screenprinting etc.), prepress- and premedia companies, flexography (stamps, engravers) and print finishing/ bookbinding enterprises.

The regional associations (vdm) are implementing ISO 12647 and related international standards at the member companies for many years.  These services are based on the “Process Standard Offset” a comprehensive manual according to ISO 12647-2 and many other technical guidelines published by bvdm. In addition, companies are certified according to ISO 12647 on request by the vdm in cooperation with Fogra. More detailed information on “Process Standard Offset”, introduction and application of standardized printing processes including certification see



Contact:   Andreas Kraushaar
Address:   Streitfeldstrasse 19, 81673 München
Phone:    +49 89 43182335
Fax:    +49 89 43182100
Personal e-mail: kraushaar(at)
General e-mail:   info(at)

The objective of Fogra Forschungsgesellschaft Druck e.V. [Fogra Graphic Technology Research Association] is to promote print engineering and its future-oriented technologies in the fields of research, development and application, and to enable the printing industry to utilize the results of this activity. To this end the association maintains its own institute, with about 50 staff members including engineers, chemists and physicists. One main part is the involvement in standardization such as ISO TC130. Here Fogra represents the chairman as well as the convenor for working group 3 (process control) and 4 (media and materials).


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