Security Printers

Intergraf has a dedicated team dealing with high-security printing - this includes passports, ID cards, banknotes etc. The main activity of this team consists of the organisation of the International Security Printers' Conference and Exhibition.
 Our last event took place in Seville, 5-7 October 2016. You can find all the details at the dedicated security printers’ website
Other activities of the security printers section include:
  •    Representing the interests of the Security Printing Industry at international level;
  •    Discussing new technologies, emerging markets, the situation of the fight against counterfeiting in the world, and any other industry related subject;
  •    Publishing a branch specific magazine, InfoSECURA and
  •    Coordinating the certification of Security Printers, High Security Printers, Hologram Manufacturers and Suppliers to Security Printers.