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  • 05 April

    Print’s place in the communications mix: Interview with Dominic Lyle, Director General of the EACA

  • 20 March

    Intergraf signs Joint Statement calling for changes to the Circular Economy Package



The European Federation for Print & Digital Communication

Intergraf works with the European Union to promote and protect the interests of the printing and related industries through lobbying, informing, networking and social dialogue. Intergraf represents 21 national printing federations in 19 countries and, in turn, our national members represent a large portion of the printing industry in the EU-28. The industry as a whole totals some 120,000 companies and employs some 630,000 people.

The printing industry in Europe has an annual turnover of approximately €80 billion and consists mainly of small enterprises, with 90% of them employing fewer than 20 persons. The industry has changed over the past decade, particularly as a result of moving from analogue processes to digital workflows. From the creation of electronic documents to digital printing and web publishing, new technologies continue to have their influence.

To support this creative and dynamic industry, Intergraf has since 1930 provided a platform to ensure that transnational dialogue is maintained horizontally between national printing associations, and vertically with the EU.