Print in Europe

Intergraf calls on Customers to Print in Europe

Intergraf believes in the European printing industry. It also believes that customers are best served and have piece of mind by printing in Europe.

Printing in Europe ensures customers receive products which comply with high environmental standards. These standards will be improved by the EU Timber Regulation, which came into force on 3rd March 2013. This regulation ensures that all timber and paper products purchased by European printers do not come from illegal logging.

Although printed products are excluded from the scope of the regulation, European printers will provide their customers with printed products protected from illegal logging as all paper and board purchased on the European market will be compliant. But beware, imported printed products entering the European market fall outside the scope of the regulation and could originate from illegally harvested timber products.

In addition to increased protection against illegal logging, printing in Europe ensures compliance with strict environmental legal requirements. It is governed by a stringent European environmental legislative framework including tight controls on emissions of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), an ambitious European waste policy and a rigorous control of chemicals.

Beyond the legal requirements, the European printing industry is making efforts to further improve environmental performance. Examples include the industry’s commitment in reaching high paper recycling targets, the development of CO2 emission calculations to support the printer’s reduction of their carbon footprint and the publication of a guidebook on energy efficiency applicable to the industry.

There are also voluntary measures at national and company levels. These include the use of chain of custody certification like FSC and PEFC to provide assurances to customers that wood-based products originate from sustainably managed forests and compliance with stringent European and national eco-labels. The result is printed products that meet high standards of environmental performance.

“Print in Europe” promotes:
compliance with stringent European environmental legislative requirements,
ambitious voluntary initiatives taken by the European printing industry, and
a full protection against illegal logging due to the EU Timber Regulation

To ensure that printed products comply
with high environmental standards
Print in Europe