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CheMI is a platform for downstream users of chemicals in manufacturing industries. It works as a channel for the downstream users in article producing industries to represent their interests and aims at contributing to the successful implementation of REACH. CheMI was established in 2003. Its members are trade associations representing a variety of sectors and comprising approximately 400.000 companies and 7 million employees, for a turnover of more than € 670 billion. CheMI membership consists mainly of SMEs.


AFERA – Pressure-sensitive tapes industry 
AQC -     Leather bracelets industry
European confederation of the footwear industry
CEI-Bois – Woodworking industry 
CITPA – Paper and board converting industry 
COTANCE - Leather industry 
ECMA - Carton makers industry 
EDANA - Nonwovens and related industries 
EMPAC – Light metal packaging 
ETRMA – Tyre and rubber industry 
EURATEX - Apparel and textile industry 
FEPF - Ceramic table and ornamentalware industry 
FESPA - Screen printing industry
FEFCO - Corrugated packaging
FPE - Flexible packaging industry
FINAT - Self-adhesive labels industry 
Intergraf - Printing industry 
TIE - Toy industry 

Operational Guidelines

CheMI operational guidelines are available here.


CheMI has been actively involved in joint analysis and representation actions towards the EU institutions based on the joint voluntary co-operation between experts from the sectoral associations.  Joint meetings are regularly held to share understanding and assessment of REACH developments and prepare joint position papers.


CheMI is an ECHA accredited stakeholder and is represented in the high level groups set by the European Commission and ECHA:



For any question related to CheMI, please contact:

Laetitia Reynaud

Tel: + 32 2230 86 46

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