COVID-19 response

The spread of the coronavirus is of critical global concern and has created an extraordinary challenge for people in Europe, who have been called upon to take preventative actions to protect themselves and fellow citizens. In order to stem transmission of the virus, and to protect lives and public health, governments have introduced varying levels of restrictions on personal, social and economic life. It is clear that the effects of this health crisis on our societies and economies will continue for the foreseeable future, with varying levels of containment measures likely to last for many months.

Like everything else, the COVID-19 pandemic is having a profound impact on printing companies in Europe - the vast majority of which are SMEs. Since printers supply many other industries, they are naturally heavily reliant on changes in the wider economy. In March 2020, many printers had orders cancelled at the last moment. Throughout April and beyond, as many of the restrictions on travel, events, retail and social contact have continued, demand remains low for many companies - even non-existent for some - with barriers to normal life causing a myriad of difficulties. Moreover, our economy has necessarily become more digital overnight. One can only speculate on the extent of the long-term effects this all might have on the European printing industry, but there will undoubtedly be ongoing impacts.

As well as supplying other sectors, printers also consume, and many critical supply chains may be affected by COVID-19 and the resulting containment measures. Some parts of our sector provide essential products (e.g. packaging for food and pharmaceuticals, public health notices, and news). Maintaining supply chains for these parts of the printing industry is crucial in order to safeguard the production of essential products, upon which we all rely, such as medicine, food and newspapers. Also, many printed products are circular, and recycled paper is an important raw material for the next product. The collection of paper and board recycling from homes and businesses is thus also a vital part of printers' circular supply chain.

Intergraf, as the European umbrella association for the printing industry, is monitoring the many effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on our sector, and is sharing this information with and between our national member associations, many of whom are regularly surveying their members on this topic. Since there are intricacies and differences across Europe in terms of virus response, as well as supplementary European-level actions, information-sharing between countries at European level is important to ensure that the most comprehensive support and guidance is available to printing companies on a national level. We are also feeding information to the European Commission to help inform their ongoing COVID-19 response.

Collected below are Intergraf's public statements and articles on the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information about national-level responses and information, please refer directly to our member associations.


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