PRESS RELEASE 02/2017 | Test exemptions now included in Deinking Scorecard

Wednesday, 01 February 2017 15:04


With this annex, the Deinkability Scorecard now takes account of those printing techniques and material combinations that are delivering good deinkability results, based on past experiences. Testing remains required for processes and material combinations for which there is not enough experience on their deinkability behavior; however, the annex will be subject to future revisions in order to allow further printing techniques to be exempted once sufficient test results are available.

The deinking scorecard is referred to in the EU Ecolabel for printed paper as a tool to meet the deinkability criterion. The new annex will relieve printers who are eligible for the exemptions as it will reduce the previously excessive administrative burdens on those who need to access the EU Ecolabel.

Beatrice Klose, Intergraf Secretary General and former ERPC Chair, says “Intergraf has been an active member of the ERPC since 2006 and as a representative of the printing industry Intergraf aims to promote the recyclability of printed products. I am glad to see that the Scorecard acknowledges that printed products can be recyclable even if they are not deinkable. The annex secures a pragmatic use of the Scorecard by printers, while maintaining a high environmental standard.”

Henri Vermeulen, ERPC Chairman, said that “The ERPC approach to deinkability, i.e. by testing and assessing results with a scorecard on the one hand and by exempting certain paper/printing technology combinations on the other hand, is an effective way to secure high quality recycling while being cost-effective for the producers of printed products.”

The new deinking scorecard is available here.

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