How to Join

How To Join

More legislation than ever before is decided upon at European level. This affects the day-to-day running of a printing company. From what ink you can use and how companies report their emissions, to employment laws and health & safety - EU legislation affects it all. It is vital that the European graphic industry is strongly represented at the European Union.

Intergraf works with the European Commission when potential legislation is considered. With our strong links to Commission DGs and officials, as well as our membership of groups which meet in the Commission to discuss issues at stake, we ensure that concerns of the graphic industry are heard. We are also involved in various print-positive campaigns directed at other EU institutions, such as the European Parliament.

By joining Intergraf, you will not only contribute to our goals, but you will also gain privileged access to EU policymakers, as well as other peers and industry experts from all over the world. Through these networks, you can access information and advice, helping to strengthen your own work and improve the prospects of the wider sector by sharing your own knowledge.

Intergraf is your European platform for advocacy and communication and the success of our work depends on your collective industry knowledge. We invite you to join us as a Member or Associate Member and to play your part in the representation of the graphical sector at European level.

We invite you to review our membership options and testimonials below and look forward to speaking with you about our future collaboration!



Full Membership of Intergraf is available for national printing associations located in Europe. The fee for Members depends on the turnover of the industry and the GDP in that particular country.


Associate Membership

Associate Membership is open to any company or association wishing to deepen collaboration with Intergraf without becoming a full member. The exact nature of collaboration can be negotiated.


How to Join

To enquire further about Membership or Associate Membership of Intergraf please contact a member of the team. We look forward to hearing from you!


Member Testimonials

  • "The biggest value of my membership of Intergraf is that I have the opportunity to build relationships and share knowledge with European colleagues working in my industry. At Intergraf's events I have met printing experts from all over the world who offer unique insights into the communication industry. I take inspiration from these interactions, using best practices I have learned in my own work."
  • "As a member of one of Intergraf's Working Groups, I have been able to tangibly influence EU policy in ways that would not be possible without such a supportive European platform. Members' views are methodically taken into account and as a result I feel well-informed and well-represented at EU level."
  • "There is a lot of value in being able to work together on such a wide variety of policy areas and Intergraf facilitates many opportunities for us to get involved. The influence this helps to give us in Brussels is crucial to our work."
  • "Intergraf's monthly newsletter is a very useful communication tool as it is informative, accessible and easy to read. Their work as 'our voice in Brussels' is also a valuable reason to be an active member because Intergraf has a wide network of contacts in Europe - including at the EU Institutions and other associations related to the printing industry."
  • "Intergraf's guides and Factsheets about EU legislation play a really important role in our work. The team's closeness to the European Institutions and knowledge of policy issues are an invaluable resource. We always receive timely information about policy developments that help us to stay compliant in this dynamic market."
  • "The Security Printers Conference & Exhibition is a not-to-be-missed event for security printing professionals. Seamlessly organised by Intergraf, it facilitates all-important networking opportunities with other experts in the sector and helps me keep up with all of the latest technologies."