Intergraf is coordinating a project on a future skills and recruitment strategy for the printing industry: SPRING - Skills for the Printing Industry, Next Generations.

The project began in January 2019 as a European Commission COSME funded project, in collaboration with the Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI) and covering the entire paper value chain.  Intergraf and CEPI are now continuing parallel projects focusing on their respective industries separately.

SPRING ultimately aims to develop a concrete skills and recruitment strategy and toolkit to help printers find and recruit appropriately skilled staff and to be better prepared for the future.

Intergraf will update this page soon with more details on the next stage of the project.


SPRING Workshop, 6 June 2019

On 6 June 2019, Intergraf and CEPI held a workshop in Graz, Austria, which examined current skills and recruitment needs; mismatches between these needs and the training and education on offer across Europe; and possible solutions to current and potential future challenges for printers and paper makers. Speakers throughout the day highlighted the problems both industries face in receiving enough applicants who are appropriately skilled for open positions, and how new technology may mean the skills required in the paper value chain could change over time.

During the breakout sessions, where printers and paper makers separately discussed their specific challenges, printers shared their experiences from their countries, which facilitated a fruitful and supportive exchange of views on education, training, and recruitment. The day culminated with a brainstorming session to establish concrete next steps for the industry.


Contact: Alison Grace