Security Printers Banknotes+Identity

Intergraf has a dedicated team dealing with the security printing industry (banknotes and ID documents). The main activity of Intergraf's Security Printers Team consists of the organisation of the international 'SecurityPrinters, Banknotes+Identity', world-wide one of the largest events in this field.

2019 SecurityPrinters - Copenhagen

New products and solutions on show in close to 100 exhibition booths at SecurityPrinters in Copenhagen - The perfect setting to strengthen existing contacts around the globe, establish new ones, and develop productive partnerships. Registration now open!

You can find out more on the Intergraf Security Printers website:

Primary contact: Simona Barbulescu

SecurityPrinters draws on the vast experience and knowledge of a dedicated Committee of Experts, composed of senior banknotes and security documents professionals from the industry and law enforcement. Appointed by Intergraf, they overview the preparation and delivery of each conference and exhibition.

Further activities include:

  • Representing the interests of the security printing Industry at international level
  • Discussing new technologies, emerging markets, the situation of the fight against counterfeiting in the world, and any other industry-related subject
  • Publishing a branch specific magazine, Infosecura
  • Offering and industry specific certification scheme for security printers, hologram manufacturers and suppliers to security printers