Intergraf Board

The Intergraf Board closely follows the administration and long-term strategy of Intergraf, meeting approx. 4-6 times every year. The Board proposes issues to members and develops strategies for the Steering Committee to implement. The following countries are currently represented on the Board: Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, the Netherlands, Sweden, the UK. Intergraf's sister association, FTA Europe, also has a seat on the Board.

Board Members

  • President: Ulrich Stetter (DE)
  • Vice-President: Jesper Jungersen (DK)
  • Member: Dick Naafs (NL)
  • Member: Giovanni Olivotto (IT)
  • Member: Ian Wilton (UK)
  • Member: Janina Bluma (LV)
  • Member: Kaarel Ausmes (EE)
  • Member: Wim Buyle (FTA Europe)
  • Member: Ulrijk Wehtje (SE)
  • Member: Katalin Orgovan (HU)


Intergraf Steering Committee

Intergraf’s Steering Committee meets approx. 4 times per year to implement the decisions taken by the Board and General Assembly. The aim of the Steering Committee is to facilitate a continuous dialogue between Intergraf’s management and national associations. It assists the Secretary General in creating and implementing action plans, drafting industry messages and alerting members on initiatives taken at national level. The following countries are currently represented on the Steering Committee: Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Sweden.

Steering Committee Members

  • Chairperson: Monica Scorzino (IT)
  • Member: Carmen Kulpe (DE)
  • Member: Katre Savi (EE)
  • Member: Ravindra Parasnis (SE)
  • Member: Theresa Borba (PT)
  • Member: Thomas Torp (DK)