Policy Positions

Extend the Scope of the Proposed Regulation on Deforestation to Printed Products

14 March 2022

Joint Statement on Machinery Directive

23 February 2022

Print media value chain Position Paper

17 January 2022

No Christmas without books. EIBF, FEP and Intergraf joint statement

9 December 2021

Cross-Industry Joint Statement: A European Agenda for Evidence-Based and Better Policy-Making

18 October 2021


16 March 2021

Printing Industry & Food Contact Materials

4 January 2021

Printing Industry & Packaging

21 December 2020

Democracy: Newspapers are vital for democracy

15 September 2020

Digital education: Print is essential for the future of reading and education

5 September 2020

Trade: End Aircraft Trade Disputes

2 August 2020

Packaging: Reducing packaging waste - review of rules

1 August 2020

Advertising: Voting Recommendations for Draft Report 'Towards a Sustainable Single Market for Business and Consumers'

2 July 2020

Data Protection: Joint Industry Letter

2 April 2020

Industrial Policy: The Printing Industry and an Industrial Strategy for Europe

31 March 2020

European Social Dialogue: COVID-19 crisis

1 March 2020

Waste: Graphic paper products: Need to clarify “producer” in EPR guidance

2 February 2020

Environment: Extend EU Timber Regulation to Printed Products

2 February 2020

Climate: A Vision of Sustainable Choices for a Climate-Friendly Future - FBI position

2 November 2019

Trade: Inclusion of Printed Matter on the Product List of US-EU Trade Dispute

2 October 2019

Data protection: Contribution to 2020 Evaluation and Review Report on the GDPR

2 October 2019

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