Policy Positions

Democracy: Newspapers are vital for democracy

15 September 2020

Digital education: Print is essential for the future of reading and education

5 September 2020

Trade: End Aircraft Trade Disputes

2 August 2020

Packaging: Reducing packaging waste - review of rules

1 August 2020

Advertising: Voting Recommendations for Draft Report 'Towards a Sustainable Single Market for Business and Consumers'

2 July 2020

Data Protection: Joint Industry Letter

2 April 2020

Industrial Policy: The Printing Industry and an Industrial Strategy for Europe

31 March 2020

European Social Dialogue: COVID-19 crisis

1 March 2020

Waste: Graphic paper products: Need to clarify “producer” in EPR guidance

2 February 2020

Environment: Extend EU Timber Regulation to Printed Products

2 February 2020

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