Intergraf's preferred research partner is Smithers, with whom we have collaborated on a multitude of activities since our partnership began in 2013.

Smithers is the global authority on the packaging, paper and printing industry supply chains. They offer independent testing services, advise on business solutions and perform audits. They also organise events all over the world, as well as publishing market reports. Intergraf works primarily with the division Smithers Information, which delivers in-depth market data, as well as technical and business information about our sector.

Every year, Smithers contributes a review of the European print market to the Intergraf Annual Economic Report, supplementing the information provided by us and our members. We also work together on the annual event series: Shaping the Future of Print (focusing in 2020 on the commercial print market, and in 2021 on the book market), for which Smithers provides market data about the sub-sector of the printing industry in focus. So far, this has included commercial print, packaging, magazines, direct mail and books. A representative from Smithers presents their data at every event. Following the event Intergraf publishes a market report, which contains a chapter on strategic information given by expert speakers at Shaping the Future of Print, and a second chapter presenting Smithers' market data.

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