Introducing the new face of Intergraf!

2 January 2019

Intergraf is beginning 2019 with a new look. We now have a BRAND NEW logo, corporate image and website for you to explore. We look forward to sharing more with you over the coming years!


The printing industry has a long and significant history in Europe, having influenced European development and culture in transformative ways. We proudly celebrate the important history from which our industry was born, but the face of the sector has changed. The graphic industry today embodies both the traditional and the modern. Even companies using traditional printing techniques are now highly digitised, using state-of-the-art technologies and highly efficient digital processes to manage their workflows.

The aim of Intergraf’s new logo and brand is to better reflect our values, mission, market and purpose, as well as illustrating how we see the industry’s future. With an enhanced emphasis on the interplay between past and present, our new logo and brand does just that. It better communicates our core message: that the printing industry in Europe is proudly a traditional sector, but it is also high-tech, modern, competitive and here to stay in a digital world.

“This rebrand is a landmark in the development of Intergraf. With our new, revitalised look we hope to reach more people than ever before and to give our important and exciting industry the face – and attention – it deserves.”
Beatrice Klose, Secretary General of Intergraf

The name “INTERGRAF” already embodies the dynamism and duality of the graphic industry. “GRAF” identifies the industry and “INTER” highlights both the international nature of our activities and the interplay between traditional and modern, as well as the unstoppable force that is the internet and digitisation. In our new logo, we celebrate this duality visually through the use of a square, representing both a piece of paper and a screen.

To present these changes to the public, Intergraf now also has a new website, which we invite you to visit: The website showcases our work at European level, as well as presenting information and statistics about the European printing industry. Keep an eye on our website during the first quarter of 2019 because it is due to grow.

We look forward to sharing more about Intergraf’s work with you in the years to come.

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Notes to Editor

Intergraf is the European federation for print and digital communication. We are a Brussels-based trade association representing employers in the European printing industry. Intergraf represents 22 national printing federations in 20 countries. Our primary task is to represent and advocate for the interests of the printing and digital communication industry in Europe, working with European Union to support the sector’s competitiveness through advocacy, information-sharing, networking and social dialogue. For more information, please visit:


For more information please contact

Alison Grace
Communications & Policy Officer at Intergraf
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