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Congratulations to the Winners of the Intergraf Young Talent Award 2022!

31 March 2022

We are delighted to introduce you to the winners of the Intergraf  Young Talent Award 2022, our annual celebration of the pioneering ideas of young people in print. The first place was awarded to Tom Maskill from the UK, Cédric Dumont from France won second place, and Anna Kolesova from Germany won third place.

To ensure that print remains attractive to future generations, the industry must listen to what young people expect from their working lives and employers, encouraging innovative ideas and creative solutions. Since 2017, Intergraf has provided a platform for the voice of the next generation of print professionals. Every year, one outstanding submission is selected by a panel of experts to win the Intergraf Young Talent Award. Although there can only be one winner, all submissions have a lot of value and should be consulted not only by employers in the graphical sector but by everyone with an interest in the future of print. The top entries will be made public on the Print Your Future website.



This year the focus was on sustainability, a topic included among the top priorities on the EU agenda. Candidates for the 2022 award were requested to respond to the following questions:

  • 1. How do you see print products (graphics and packaging) in the circular economy?
  • 2. What is your vision for print for a sustainable future?


The first-place winner of Intergraf's Young Talent Award 2022, Tom Maskill from the UK, explained his views on the environmental performance of print: “Overall, the print industry is moving in the right direction to become a fully circular operation. I believe we must establish common standards for calculating and reporting on the environmental impact of print. We must also educate our customers and the public on the true impact of print on the environment compared with other communication methods.”

This year’s second-place winner, Cédric Dumont from France, celebrated his third consecutive recognition in the Intergraf Young Talent Award, stating: “It is necessary to fully exploit the capabilities of each of the materials in order to reduce raw material consumption. The world of print should not be reserved only for certain people but should touch everyone. The increase of diversity in this sector will attract a new public while keeping the authenticity present until today. As Charles Darwin said: the species that survive are not the strongest, nor the most intelligent, but those that adapt best to change”.

The winner of third place, Anna Kolesova from Germany, highlighted: “The future of the printing industry depends on how the printing businesses will react and adapt to circular economy and sustainability. Moreover, the printing industry should seriously take into consideration the opinions of the young generations and start to increase awareness about the industry’s strengths. It is crucial to listen to young people with fresh and creative minds, driven by the desire to make a change”.


Tom Maskill will present his winning ideas at the Print Matters for the Future Conference on 20 May 2022, in Stockholm. Intergraf thanks all applicants for taking the time to enter our competition! We look forward to hearing Tom’s presentation and learning more about how the next generation sees the environmental performance of print!


You can register HERE to join us at the Print Matters for the Future Conference!

Find more details about the conference on Intergraf event page.


DOWNLOAD a pdf of the press release.