Comparing Print and Digital Media project

27 June 2024

Comparing Print and Digital Media project

Research review on the sustainability, efficiency, and perceptions of print and digital communication tools.

This report presents the findings of Intergraf’s “Print and Digital Media” project, which aims to offer an overview of studies comparing sustainability, efficiency, and consumer preferences between print and digital communication tools. Over 75 studies were reviewed for this project, focusing on sustainability, reading habits, marketing effectiveness, and the digital divide.

The report encourages stakeholders to recognize the nuanced findings in the literature on print and digital communication. Communication is multifaceted, with each tool possessing unique advantages and characteristics. The project's findings demonstrate that there should be a stronger emphasis on the complementary roles of communication tools rather than their potential substitution. Furthermore, critical examination of the methodologies employed in studies evaluating print and digital communication tools is essential.

Download the report here

The report is authored by Jeremy Tawedian