Print Your Future (2022)


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About the Print Your Future project

Print Your Future is a European project about attracting a new skilled workforce to the European graphic industry. It focused on three main themes: how to find, how to attract, and how to keep young people in the sector. The project ran from February 2020 until January 2022 and contained four Work Packages:

  1. Diagnosis (including a survey and desk research)
  2. Capacity building (including a Best Practice Toolkit)
  3. Promotion, dissemination and communication (including a website and four Young Workers' Day events in Estonia, Germany, the Netherlands, and Portugal)
  4. Final conference

Print Your Future was coordinated by Intergraf alongside UNI Europa Graphical – together we are the European Social Partners for the graphical sector. The project was supported by a technical expert, Spin360, as well as country experts from Estonia (AEPPI), Germany (HdM Stuttgart), the Netherlands (GOC), and Portugal (APIGRAF). It was funded by the European Commission's DG for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion (VP/2019/001/0061).