Safeguard your company using Intergraf's data protection guidelines

22 December 2016

Safeguard your company using Intergraf's data protection guidelines


By 25th May 2018, European printers will be expected to be in full compliance with the EU’s recently adopted General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), legislation introduced to replace and update a 1995 Directive.

The GDPR will affect any company or organisation that holds personal data (including that of its own staff). This legislation will consequently affect printers who, as a part of their services, regularly handle people’s personal data (i.e. telephone numbers and addresses). This includes, for example, printers who fulfil direct mail campaigns for their customers. Because of its effect on printers, Intergraf has produced a guide to the new legislation to help all of our members remain compliant.

Our Guide to the European Data Protection Regulation for European Printers explains the origins of the GDPR, how it will affect printers and how companies should use, store and collect personal data under the new rules. Throughout the document, we have exemplified clear case studies using printing companies as subjects to present best practice ways of becoming compliant. In addition, our guidelines provide readers with key definit