Stay compliant with Intergraf's guide to chromium trioxide authorisation

9 February 2017

Stay compliant with Intergraf's guide to chromium trioxide authorisation


The European Commission are due to soon officially publish their authorisation Decision for the use of chromium trioxide for functional chrome plating in rotogravure application in the European Official Journal. This will be a key milestone, as it sets the timetable for the duties of gravure printing companies by marking the beginning of a 3-month period during which gravure printing plants will be required to take appropriate compliance actions.

At this stage, gravure printers do not need to take any concrete action in the process, except to be aware of their future duties and what they should expect from their chromium trioxide suppliers going forward.

Intergraf has prepared a guide for European gravure printers to provide an overview of the current situation. The guide explains the background of the use of chromium trioxide in surface treatment technologies in gravure printing, as well as the current authorisation procedure and duties of gravure printing plants under the REACH legislation.

The guide goes on to provide information about how gravure printing plants, as ‘downstream users’ of chromium trioxide can notify the European Chemical Agency and comply with the conditions of authorisation once the Decision has been published in the spring. It also highlights in detail the conditions of use for chromium trioxide.

For more information or for a copy of the guide Intergraf members can contact Laetitia Reynaud.


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