Paper-based solutions help to reduce plastic pollution

13 July 2018

Following the EU’s newly proposed Plastics Strategy, there is more pressure on companies to use alternatives to plastic - like paper.

An increased consumer/policy focus on the long-term environmental impacts of single-use plastics is resulting in many companies investing in paper alternatives. With the growing availability of innovative alternatives, such as the Choose Water Bottle, this decision is being made easier.

One such company is the cosmetics and personal care company L’Oréal, who is managing a new project which focuses on seed diversity, small-scale organic farmers and sustainability. Both the product and its packaging is sustainable and organic. As well as being recycled, the packaging can also be upcycled as each bottle comes with a packet of seeds that can be planted inside after use.

“Paper has a 90% chance of being recycled, so as part of our commitment to reducing plastic used in beauty, we partnered with Ecological Brands to replace plastic with paper by 60%.”
Shane Wolf, L’Oréal’s Global Manager for Redken, Pureology and Mizani

McDonald’s is another company making moves in a related direction. In all of its 1,300 restaurants in the UK, they will switch from plastic to paper straws, which customers will have to ask for. If successful in the UK, McDonald’s may also implement the change elsewhere.