EMSPI Project: Energy saving in printing companies

23 May 2017

EMSPI Project: Energy saving in printing companies



The recently completed EMSPI project (Energy Management Standardisation in the Printing Industry) has led to the successful implementation of energy management systems in 100 printing companies in five countries - Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Spain.

Co-funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme of the EU, the project mapped potential energy usage at printing companies, highlighting ways in which energy and cost savings could be made.

The project aimed to promote actions which increase energy efficiency in European small and medium-sized enterprises in the printing industry by promoting the implementation of an energy management system based on the global standard ISO 50001. Specific project objectives were:

  •    To develop a specific adaption of the global standard ISO 50001 for energy management in printing industry SMEs and sector-specific implementation guidelines
  •    To implement the specific energy management standard in 100 SMEs during the lifetime of the project
  •    To enhance the awareness of the benefits of energy efficiency tools to all of the printing industry stakeholders in European countries

Typical energy-saving measures proposed as a part of the project included lighting, compressed air, ventilation, and space heating. At first, not all companies were convinced they had energy-saving potential; however, after gathering the necessary data some measures could always be identified.

Assuming that part of the energy saving measures identified in each of the companies could be implemented, the following results will be reached for the period 2013-17:

  1.    Energy consumption reduction of 127,000 GJ (14% reduction during timeframe)
  2.    Reduction of 13,300 ton of CO² (14% reduction of emissions)
  3.    Energy cost savings of €2,140,000 (12% reduction of costs)

"Companies participating in the EMSPI Project do perform well in relation to the parameters where they have simple procedures or tools to support them in their work" - EMSPI Newsletter 4

In the long run, the project aimed to create a 'critical mass' or multiplier effect at the industry level in order to further disseminate the developed set of tools and communication materials, which it is currently in the process of doing.

The EMSPI Project offers a useful opportunity for printers as it helps to identify the ways in which printing companies could lower their energy usage, lowering as a result their carbon footprint and energy bills.

See the EMSPI Project website for more information.