Proven advantage for education with printed materials

8 April 2019

The Evolution of Reading in the Age of Digitisation (E-READ) is a European research initiative which has focused on how readers - particularly children and young adults - comprehend written text when using print vs. digital materials. The results of this research was presented at the Graphical Sector’s Social Dialogue Plenary on 1 April by Anne Mangen, PhD., Professor, Norwegian Reading Centre, University of Stavanger.

Both mediums - paper and digital - have different advantages and disadvantages, but E-READ research shows clearly that “paper remains the preferred reading medium for longer single texts, especially when reading for deeper comprehension and retention.” According to one publication (Delgado et al., 2018), “[I]gnoring the evidence of a robust screen inferiority effect may lead to inefficient political and educational decisions.” These findings are very important for our industry and should be communicated widely.

You can read more about E-READ’s main findings in the Stavanger Declaration.

Since the results of this research are so interesting for printers, Intergraf has invited another representative of the E-READ initiative, Professor Adriaan van der Weel (University of Leiden), Vice-Chair of E-READ, to present at our Print Matters for the Future conference in London on 24 May. To register for this event, download the Registration Form from our dedicated event webpage and send it back to us to secure your place.