3 December 2019

Did you see our red envelope?

Following the 2019 EU elections, +/- 750 mailings were distributed to new and returning Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) to introduce Intergraf and the printing industry to our elected officials. The mailing contained an info. card drawing MEPs’ attention to their continued reliance on print in a digitised world by highlighting that print often goes unnoticed but is in fact all around us.

The info. card also challenged some of the all too prevalent misconceptions about our industry in order to introduce ourselves in a relatable way to MEPs who may never have heard anything about the print sector before. The card was accompanied by a printed mobile phone stand made out of paper which conveyed the simple message that "digital needs print", challenging a common misconception that digital communications have replaced print. We in the industry know that this is far from true and that digital and print often work together. For example, many great digital campaigns are supported by print ads - just as your phone can be supported by the phone stand.

We know that print is a reliable and indispensable product in people’s lives, and we want MEPs to know it too. Building on this first communication, Intergraf will take further measures to inform MEPs about the value of our industry over the course of the next legislature (2019-24). This mailing was the first of many steps to build a strong working relationship with new MEPs and we look forward to supplementing the information conveyed at the appropriate times in more targeted communications, meetings and networking. In fact, Intergraf has already identified +/- 300 MEPs with an interest in topics related to our industry - such as the environment, research and innovation, and consumer protection. Over the coming weeks and months, we will seek meetings with these MEPs. This will ensure that the printing industry has solid connections to the European Parliament which can be relied upon when MEPs work on new legislation.

Moreover, Intergraf will persuade parliamentarians to promote the results of the COST Action E-READ research on the importance of print for learning and the retention of information. It is crucial that the findings are fully integrated within EU policies on education and digitisation. To read the full message sent to MEPs please click here.