26 February 2021

With many topics ongoing at European level, Intergraf has prepared a collection of guides for our members on various subjects, including the EU Ecolabel, chromium trioxide, Brexit, STS BREF, and food contact materials.

To support Intergraf member companies we have prepared a series of guidance documents. Each gives details about a specific topic which could affect printers and explains the steps that affected companies have to take to reach a certain goal.

To date, we have published:

  • Intergraf Guide to the EU Ecolabel for Printed Paper
  • Intergraf Guide to the Authorisation of Chromium Trioxide Use for Gravure Printers
  • Intergraf Guide to the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement

Forthcoming guides include:

  • Intergraf and FTA Europe Guide to Applying Food Contact Materials Legislation
  • Intergraf Guide to the STS BREF

Member companies can contact their national association for access to any of our guides.