1 June 2021

After 12 years working with Intergraf (4 as President), we offer our sincere thanks to Cees Verweij for his support over the years. Our activities have more impact than ever thanks to his strong leadership.

Note from Cees

Looking back on my 12 years in the Board:

In 2010 I saw the first iPad during a Board meeting. Twelve years later, we communicate worldwide with Teams or Zoom and we are helpless without our digital devices.

Communication became more and more digital in a very fast way and had a great impact on our industry.

Print, however, will remain important in, for example, direct mail, packaging, books, newspapers, and magazines.

The office of Intergraf played a crucial role in promoting print and safeguarding the industry from harmful legislation and I thank the team of Intergraf for their excellent cooperation with the Board.

I am leaving Intergraf convinced that print will remain essential.

Cees Verweij