29 July 2021

The European paper value chain has reached its recycling target of 74%, set back in 2016. According to the EPRC, "73.9% of all paper consumed in Europe was recycled in 2020" - an impressive 40% increase since 20 years ago.

The European Paper Recycling Council (EPRC), an industry initiative set up in November 2000, monitors the development of the European paper recycling rate. It also sets and renews paper recycling targets every 5 years. In 2017, signatories of the EPRC - including Intergraf - committed to reaching a 74% recycling rate. We are very proud that this target has been reached and that our industry played its part in such an achievement.

About the 2020 recycling rate, Annick Carpentier, Director General of ACE and current EPRC chairwoman stated:

“Reaching our set 74% paper recycling target shows the paper and board value chain is serious about its understanding as a role model for circularity and will continue to be.”

The European paper recycling rate is calculated by the ratio between used paper recycling (including net trade of paper for recycling), and paper and board consumption. The EPRC explains that "Due to the Covid-19 crisis, among others, less paper and board was consumed and available for collection last year, while its utilisation in the European Paper industry continued to be steady." This partially explains the increasing recycling rate.

For more on this achievement and the important work of the EPRC take a look at:

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