7 September 2022

Europe has entered a turbulent period. With a pandemic, war, an energy crisis, and the looming threat of recession, printing companies need support. Associations can provide this. Sharing association experience and knowledge across borders is vital.

Intergraf's national member associations provide printing companies in Europe with advice and services that help them to stay competitive and compliant - from political lobbying, industry events, and training, to HR matters, health and safety, and other employment-related issues. Since many printing companies are SMEs, such support can be a lifeline. Associations do the work so companies do not have to.

Despite differing national contexts, printing companies and their national print associations face many of the same challenges. This is where Intergraf comes in. Every year, we organise a Directors' Conference for the Directors of our member associations. This event gives national associations the opportunity to share about their work - what they do, what they offer to their members, and how to improve their services.

All of the most prescient topics are on the agenda. This year, energy and paper prices were unsurprisingly two of the most heavily discussed subjects. So far, national governments have responded differently to these developments. Sharing information and advice helps to quickly identify the most appropriate common position, which makes our collective lobbying at EU and national level stronger.

The 13 member associations that attended this year's Intergraf Directors' Conference in Vienna also discussed carbon footprint, skills, EU advocacy topics, association services,  promoting print, and doordrops.

Further activities based on the recommendations of Directors will be actioned via Intergraf's Steering Committee, Working Group on Economics/Statistics, Working Group on Environment, and the Secretariat.