2016 edition of Intergraf Economic Report published

31 May 2016

The 2016 Intergraf Economic Report, The Evolution of the European Graphic Industry has been published.


This new report provides extensive economic information on the graphic industry but also on other key markets, including ink, paper, publishing, book, press, packaging, postal and energy markets.

The 2016 version features graphs and tables providing an overview of the European graphic industry. It shows historical developments and comparison between countries.

The report covers the profile of the industry, in terms of employment, number of operating companies and turnover, but also on production value and trade figures of the main printed products.

The latest available figures featured in the report indicate that the graphic industry in the 28 European countries comprises more than 118,000 companies and employs some 630,000 people. The turnover in the graphic industry is about 80 billion euros.

Eurostat remains the main source of information of the report. A contribution from Smithers Pira is featured in the report. Smithers Pira provides an overview of the market, including development of print products, printing processes and printing equipment at European level, as well as forecasts for 2020. Reports on economic trends in selected European countries are also provided in the report. Abstracts from the report are included in annex.

The report is available in printed or electronic format and can be ordered using the form available on the Intergraf website. The report is available free of charge exclusively for Intergraf member associations and their company members, and is for sale for non-members.

Contact: Laetitia Reynaud