Calls for proposals launched under EU New Skills Agenda

6 March 2017

Calls for proposals launched under EU New Skills Agenda


 "The New Skills Agenda [...] supports a shared commitment and works towards a common vision about the strategic importance of skills for sustaining jobs, growth and competitiveness"

The European Commission has recently launched some calls for proposals to progress the New Skills Agenda for Europe.

Firstly, VP/2017/007, A European framework for mobility of apprentices: Developing European citizenship and skills through youth integration in the labour market, with a deadline of 29th March 2017. This call is open to public/private organisations active in the field of VET (vocational education and training) which are established in at least two EU Member States.

This call aims to tackle youth unemployment in Europe by removing barriers to mobility by testing different models. Operational objectives include improving cross-border collaboration between VET institutions, companies and other relevant organisations, and adding to and/or simplifying existing mobility frameworks.

Secondly, EACA 04/2017, Erasmus+ Sector Skills Alliances, with a deadline of 2nd May 2017. This call has three 'Lots', each of which have different aims and criteria for involvement. Only Lots 1 & 2 are open to the printing and related industries, as Lot 3 (Blueprint for Sectoral Cooperation on Skills) includes pre-agreed and specific sectors.

This call aims to address skills gaps in a given economic sector. Projects in Lot 1 should identify current and/or future skills needs. Projects in Lot 2 should focus on quality assurance measures in learning outcomes and VET provision in order to achieve flexible and individualised qualifications that are labour-market relevant.

    Participants To include
Lot 1 Skills needs identification At least 12 Erasmus+ countries of at least 2 organisations At least 2 participants representing industry and VET providers
Lot 2 Design & delivery of VET At least 4 Erasmus+ countries of at least 8 organisations At least 3 participants representing industry and VET providers