Intergraf Annual Statistical Report published

19 April 2013

The 2013 edition of Intergraf’s Annual Statistical Report, The Evolution of the European Graphic...


The 2013 edition of Intergraf’s Annual Statistical Report, The Evolution of the European Graphic Industry has been published. The Intergraf report is the only comprehensive statistical study on the printing industry market in Europe. It covers the 27 member states of the European Union, as well as Norway, Switzerland and Croatia where data are available.

This year’s edition also includes a contribution from print research and consultancy firm, Smithers-Pira. Its contribution provides an overview of the market, forecasts for 2017 and analyses the development of print products, printing processes and printing equipment at European level.

According to Smithers-Pira: “Preliminary indications for 2012 point to a European printing market valued at approximately €166.4 billion, representing an increase of 2.6% in actual terms on 2011 but down by almost 1% in real terms […] and by more than 1% in volume terms – despite a near 1% increase in packaging & labels output as other print volumes fell by around 3.3%.”

The latest available figures featured in the report, indicate that the printing industry in the EU-27 comprises some 121,000 companies and employs ap

proximately 714,000 people. The turnover is about EUR 88 billion.

Eurostat data have been extensively used as source of information to prepare the report. The data are collected on a very wide basis, covering all companies in the sector from micro enterprises employing only one person, to large companies. Another main source of information has been Intergraf’s member federations, who have provided valuable contributions to the report’s text.

The Intergraf Annual Statistical Report gives information on different printed products and on the various processes, such as bookbinding, finishing, prepress as well as the supplying sectors.

The report is available in printed or electronic format. The price for hard copies is €450+VAT (members of Intergraf member federations: €200) + postage and handling, and for electronic copies, the price is €600 +VAT (€275 for members).