Policy Positions

Industrial Policy: The Printing Industry and an Industrial Strategy for Europe

31 March 2020

European Social Dialogue: COVID-19 crisis

1 March 2020

Waste: Graphic paper products: Need to clarify “producer” in EPR guidance

2 February 2020

Environment: Extend EU Timber Regulation to Printed Products

2 February 2020

Climate: A Vision of Sustainable Choices for a Climate-Friendly Future - FBI position

2 November 2019

Trade: Inclusion of Printed Matter on the Product List of US-EU Trade Dispute

2 October 2019

Data protection: Contribution to 2020 Evaluation and Review Report on the GDPR

2 October 2019

European Social Dialogue: The future of reading

1 October 2019

Classification: Review of the Statistical Classification of Economic Activities - NACE Rev. 2

2 June 2019

Classification: Statistical classification printed products

2 March 2019

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