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#INDUSTRY4EUROPE's 'For an Ambitious EU Industrial Strategy: Going Further'

30 October 2017

Shaping the Future of Print: Magazine Seminar, 1st February 2018, Brussels

12 September 2017

Long Live Print! A commentary

22 June 2017

Packaging industries call for a safeguarding of the Single Market

31 May 2017

Industry4Europe campaign achieves more successes

30 May 2017

EMSPI Project: Energy saving in printing companies

23 May 2017

Harness the opportunities of the EU’s new Data Protection Regulation

18 May 2017

Consumer insights: Interview with Andy Lima, entrepreneur and communications expert

16 May 2017

Print’s place in the communications mix: Interview with Dominic Lyle, Director General of the EACA

5 April 2017

Intergraf signs Joint Statement calling for changes to the Circular Economy Package

20 March 2017

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