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Industry4Europe: In pursuit of an ambitious EU Industrial Strategy

13 June 2018

EU announces new Plastics Strategy

12 June 2018

Fake news and online disinformation on EU agenda

3 May 2018

Commission publishes guidance on GDPR

9 March 2018

Public consultation launched on EU Timber Regulation

2 March 2018

European Commission releases plastics strategy

19 February 2018

Call for skills projects published for graphical sector by Erasmus+

10 November 2017

Sean Smyth interview: shaping the future of the magazine market

9 November 2017

#INDUSTRY4EUROPE's 'For an Ambitious EU Industrial Strategy: Going Further'

30 October 2017

Shaping the Future of Print: Magazine Seminar, 1st February 2018, Brussels

12 September 2017

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